7th Term Afghan National Female Police Training Graduation Ceremoney
  28 Nisan 2019

       7th Term Afghan National Female Police Training finished after Graduation Cetemony which was held on 27.04.2019.

      The Governor of Sivas H.E. Salih AYHAN, the 1st Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Afganistan H.E. Abdul Saboor QAN, Afghanistan Ambassador to Ankara H.E. Abdul Rahim SAYED JAN, The presidebt of the Turkish Police Accademy Mr. Pro. Dr. Yilmaz ÇOLAK, Director of Institute of Forensic Sciences Mr. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim DURSUN,  2nd Secretary of the Japanese Embassy Mr. Yasunori MATSUMURA, Deputy Director of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Turkey Office Mr. Hideaki MATSUOKA, UNDP Chief, Senior Deputy Resident Representative Mr. Napoleon Gabriel NAVARRO, Sivas High Court Chief prosecuter Mr. Murat Ircal, Provincial Police Chief Mr. Kenan AYDOĞAN, Interior Ministry Adviser in Kabul Mr. İlker TÜRKBAYRAK, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Mr. J. Alb. İdris TATAROĞLU, Precious Protocol Membees of our province and Institution Directors were participated in our Graduation Ceremony.

      We wish luck to our graduates in their duty and life as Training Center Staff.

Haber Paylaş